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    authentic, trustworthy, heart-centered, and in ultimate flow

  • Do you know these feelings?

    Chasing Life

    Do you feel like you are being driven through life, chasing the things you want without ever achieving them?

    Decision making

    Do you often doubt your decisions or do you not make them spontaneously or with conviction?

    Information overload

    Do you feel overwhelmed by the avalanche of information, too many thoughts and often question the material realm? In general, you look for reduction or at ultimate a minimalistic lifestyle.

    Missing soul connections

    Do you feel that the people you surround yourself with are not really your true friends or companions/soul family, but you don't know where to find the people who suit you?


    You don't know what really motivates you or your life lacks meaning and purpose?

    Expectations of others

    Do you want to finally stop meeting other people's expectations and instead do what brings ultimate joy and happiness in your life?

    Real friendship

    Do you long for real friendships in which you can openly show yourself and exchange all thoughts or ideas?


    Do you want to finally stop postponing life or looking for excuses and instead live properly and with all your senses?

    Unfolding Potential

    Do you feel that there is more in you and would you like to get to know yourself better as a person and discover new things?

    Authentic being

    Do you want to recognize your true potential and develop it better and above all BE more authentic and live authentically?

  • The biggest gift to yourself is, that you finally meet and understand your authentic being. The outcome will be a bulletproof trust and clarity!

  • Finally Fully Alive

    Life, in my perspective, is not about exploring the oceans and space. To live outside, to run around and meet the expectations of others.
    No, it's about you! Who are you, what motivates you, what makes you happy? Why do you do what you do?
    You can find out all of this about yourself. What does it take? A decision and companions who inspire and support you. My customers have understood what it means to finally live their lives and to experience the feeling of being really alive with all their senses.


    Do you want to come along?


  • My Story - From Junkie to Buddha

    Hello, my name is Marcel. Over 6 years ago I started the amazing journey to get to know myself. Or as I say, going on a pilgrimages "from junkie to Buddha". Why Junkie? I practically only worked, everything out there was important: career, money, company, meeting expectations. Worrying about myself and my well-being was not an issue. Eating healthy, balancing, and meditating, not really. This went on from 2008 to 2014, until I discovered a tumor in my head. Two days after the diagnosis, I realized that this cancer is the greatest gift of my life and that I can “finally” go on a journey. To get to know me better and thus to overcome the illness or to bring balance into my inner systems.

    We know deep down what it means to be out of balance. Not to live the life we ​​actually want. Too much expectation, pressure, and never the time to pause and reflect. I think that's why there are these “trigger” moments: cancer, accidents, divorce, depression, burnout, etc. In the end, it doesn't matter. If you want to recognize the signs and finally get to know yourself, an incredible gift. Today I am in the middle of life. Fully alive and conscious as never before. What do I want, with whom do I spend my time, what is important and what is not. Don't just run around, although I travel a lot through my projects :-). But today it's a mission - in line with my values ​​and my why. The universe makes possible what I could never have dreamed of before. I don't have to manifest it, it just happens. This is the flow that many dreams of.

    A few years ago it was unimaginable that my life had such a quality, such as depth, relaxation, and that I could experience this with all of my senses. And today it's my reality. Everyone can get such a deep and unique quality of life. You just need a decision and a little courage.
    You will definitely NEVER regret it!


  • How to work with me

    1to1 Coaching/Mentoring

    Most often I coach change-makers, entrepreneurs, individuals on their journey in rediscovering their true self, passion, and purpose. I love to help to shift focus from outside to inside and inspire and transform afterward the surroundings.

    Team Coaching, Retreats

    After hosting over 100 people in business and personal development retreats I truly love working with groups. Often also a team of founders or their stakeholders. For companies, I offer tailored workshops or presentations.

    Strategic Advisor / Board Member

    I love advising projects where I feel they bring a greater benefit to our planet and are aligned with my values. Usually helping in international business, business development, scaling, fundraising, and team-building/culture.

  • Three easy steps



    You become clear on all levels and can therefore also send and receive signs more clearly from the universe (manifestation). You sharpen the senses and gain more insights on your being and and the relation to the outer world.



    You get a wonderful troop of people who walk the path with you (companions). The trust and willingness to surrender will provide you incredible new life experiences and feelings.



    It is like in the gym or sports club, you get a commitment and routine (positive habit) to implement the new feelings, emotions and believes into your life

  • What you gain?

    Relaxed & easy
    Your life takes on a completely different quality, you feel deeply relaxed, things suddenly become easy and you are much more aware of your happiness and a great gift and also more grateful for it. Your environment will perceive this change. This will take your relationships to a new level.



    Putting too much force, even if you are impatient, does not mean you are more successful or faster in achieving your lives or business purpose.
    You will feel how effortless and easy it feels after you switched to trust and non-achieving. The most successful part of your journey will start then!

    Your desires, your life in general, feel rich and fulfilled. You long for the outside less. You are in the moment and happy with what is without constantly questioning everything or striving for something else. That doesn't mean you are indifferent to everything. You are present and know what you have instead of what you don't have. You live with all your senses. It gives you a whole new feeling of fulfillment.

    Balanced & Healing
    Your whole system is balanced, you live less in extremes. You know how balanced you are. Your system, heart, and mind are aligned. Through this deep connection and synchronization of mind and soul, you automatically go into the constant natural healing mode.


    Authenticity & Clarity

    At the ultimate, you will gain so much authenticity and clarity that your surrounding will notice the change. How would you be, live, and create, if no one would watch and judge you? What would you do if you could just focus on your own being and find the solution to the question "what truly makes you happy". That's what you need to do. Make peace with your internal system to shine outside and inspiring others in becoming happy being humans.


    As simple as it may sound, it can be that difficult: to meet yourself. Taking off the masks, to be the way you are, as it is prescribed for you. The easiest way to imagine it: the way you stand in the shower and sing, it will feel so simple and natural if you go into a meeting room in the future without putting on a mask again.

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