• "A blind person who sees is better than a seeing person who is blind"



    In today’s world, it is more important than ever to be prepared and
    equipped to adapt to the inevitable, changes that will occur


    one astonishing fact of my life, even due everyday complexity, the most fascinating things in the
    universe are the five elements: akasha, fire, water, earth and air, we forgot to pay attention on small details


    let's go together on a fun, exciting and magic journey from somebody to nobody: which is paying attention to small details
    #potentialconversion #aware #alive


    being balanced and selfcontrolled

    What can I create in or improve for others?
    I learned lo's on my awesome journey and many experiences did not seem that nice at the first stage: tumour, company got fucked up etc. There is always a triangle of: body, mind and spirit. You can’t just go and exercise and forget about the rest to be healthy. If you want to be wealthy in all aspects, it is a must to have a healthy body or i call it home first. A creative mind does not want to live in a messy and “in-dynamic” home or “church of your spirits”. So I will give you lots of valued and helpful advises in terms of health.


    from human being towards being human

    Life is simple. As more complex, international and cultivated my life got. As easier and simpler I see life. In nature, all is very simple, not over-designed and easy. Life is just about experiences, there is no good or wrong. As soon we see all in this perspective, we label it. That’s the problem we judge and label all our impressions and experiences, instead of being aware what we can learn and explore from it. I tell you some secrets and tools, so you can really affect your life and go on that personal journey back to yourself. Then you can also start inspire others, That’s how we can change the world. On a nutshell: you will get lots of my wisdom and lessons learned of my past 3 years within a few hours.




    focus on the impact for others

    Many people I’ve met, or starting a business, focus too much on the money. How to make most profit, instead of creating real products? Solving real problems? Seeing customers as friends, for who I solve problems. And also make some profit, that’s ok. Another big issue is cash flow and letting currency actually flow and to have a sense and good relationship with currency. ). It is important to know your financial goals and set them clear. Focus on the impact you create for others. As more you share, as much more you will receive. Try to be aware and present in every situation. I will show how easy that is. How much your life will change. Last but not least you learn how important thoughts and words are, in very practical ways as we discover your light within yourself.


    my gifs for you - gifts from the universe

    All about the balance - relaxed and consicous

    being balanced is the key for a happy and fulfilled life

    Being balanced is one of the most important things in our daily life. We get more focussed, more relaxed and suddenly all starts to flow. Few years ago I did put on my business card a famous saying: ask, believe and receive. Today I believe you can directly switch to receive mode - I will show you how. As more balanced you become as more clear and relaxed you get.

    All about love and the heart brain connection

    Love starts within yourself. Then you can share unconditional love

    I will share some simple strategies and technicques that you are able to reconnect with your inner self and over your subconsicousnes to your higher self. With that connection you have the ability to change your life in any way you wish. The changes are significant if you are ready. We can even measure it, scientifically proven. Be excited!

    All about wealth - true wisdom is not in your pocket

    Luxury is to have the choice not the luxury itself

    Never focus on the money. Call it currency, then it stays in the flow. Money is compressed energy which will flow back to you if you let it flow. Does not mean wasting money. To have a wealthy and successful life it is very important to create that state of being. Being aware. Being present. To be, we forgot within everyday hectic life. My gift for you is that is how you how to easy reach that state and to integrate it into your habits and routine.


    Marcel Gasser

    from somebody to nobody - from somewhere to nowhere - from something to nothing

    Marcel has lived in and traveled to over 80 countries across every continent and he’s still not finished! From Tibet to Greenland, there’s almost nowhere he hasn’t visited some time recently. In the process, he’s learned a lot about privilege and became very passionate about how we can create a lasting impact. Being a nomad since summer 2015 brings him all flexibility to follow his heart & projects everywhere. Marcel currently works on a number of amazing projects.


    He was directly involved in the creation of more than 10 companies in the past 5 years. He leads the Swiss chapter of the Global Entrepreneurship Network. He is also extremely excited about an amazing concept involving providing flexible hardware to coworking locations (www.h-spaces.com) , that he is currently working on. Beside of the spaces, he is building up a platform called www.akasha.space, where the mission is to bring a shift from mind towards heart and creating expeiences towards the essence of existance.

    He holds a Business IT degree, an MBA from University of Southern Queensland as well as an Executive MBA.


    Marcel strongly believes that the future belongs to sustainable businesses that create real added value, and one of his favourite mantras is: “the adventure starts when there is no adventure anymore”. He is looking forward to sharing from his tools and knowledge of tapping into the unlimited potential each of us has.



    im happy for all messages

    Light Being & Global Citizen
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